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My Second Top Weight Loss Tip

 Tip #2: Expect temptation, and have a plan to resist it!

 In this blog post, I am sharing my second top tip for weight loss. Expect Temptation, and have a plan for resisting it.

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote,

"We gain the strength of the temptation we resist."

The power in this saying is that you don't just lose pleasure when you resist temptation, you gain strength from that action that can last for life. So you give up the food or the desire to eat more, which is the temptation in the case of the over eater, temptation, but you get something even better which is the strenth to turn your attention to the behaviors you truly desire, and to take action them.

My personal motto: "We receive what we want for others," directs me to share my top techniques to get you through temptation so that you can develop the body and the health you need in order to do what you love for the rest of your life.

My experience with long-term big-time weight loss has taught me this:

 Number One:

Elimination of craving causing foods reduces temptation over time, and sometimes your correct diet will eliminate cravings and temptation completely. Let me assure you, that feeling of freedom is simply awesome. However, temptations do come in due to situations like holidays and friends and colleagues who want you to eat treats. Temptations also arrive with feelings like boredom, frustration and negative anticipation. A specific example of this would be seeing lots of Christmas cookies at work and a the feeling you get from putting off a phone call you don't want to make.

This brings us to my second top tip for big-time long-term weight loss:

 Number Two:

Expect Temptation and have a plan for resisting it.

Your task is to get through the urge to try the cookie, or to counter the avoidance of the phone call with action. That action is to replace that temptation with something that matters more to you than extra food.  Here is the specific method to get through the urge to eat off of your eating plan.

1. Think replace, replace, replace. Take a deep breath while squeezing your fist, and release the squeeze on a exhalation while you think or say the words. This is a physical pattern interrupt that will give you time and sspace to turn your attention to a better choice.

2. Pick an activity other than eating from your personal list of thing that bring you more happiness and fulfillment than random eating. Here are some examples from my list:

1. Pray 2. Practice a dance step 3. Draw 4. Recite a short poem 5. Send a mental blessing 6. Express gratitude 7. Visualize and emotionally experience embodying your health goals. One of the two tools you can use for number seven is, if you create a vision board or a vision list, you can turn to either that board or that list in order to help you vividly imagine the joy of success. By using this method, you can interrupt the pattern of reaching for food.

Very often, our temptations come up when we are either seeking pleasure, or avoiding some kind of discomfort or task. 

Understand that every time you resist giving in to the the temptation, your ability to avoid the temptation gets stronger. You create a kind of groove in your brain that helps you stay on track. You create that emotional muscle memory that allows you to resist temptation the next time you are confronted with it. As you resist, you gain the physical changes that allow you to be even better at doing the things that you love. And so you grow in self-confidence, you grow in happiness, and you get stronger day by day, because Ralph Waldo Emerson was right. We do gain the strength of the temptation we resist.


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