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Learning to Love Yourself

This is my third copy of "Learning to Love Yourself." The first one was a pdf that Dr. Hendricks

used to distribute over the internet.  The second was a copy that I gave away. The back of this copy lists some benefits it offers, and although there are some powerful promises like:
"Free yourself from anger, guilt, fear, and frustration," the one that resonates with me is, "Drop notions of hoping and believing, and start actually experiencing life."

I have spent years, if not decades, of my life in the practice of hoping, dreaming, and waiting to be good enough to act on my creative intentions. 

What, specifically, have I been waiting for?  I have been waiting to be skinny. Yep, I am engulfed in the national obsession with weight.  Now, it is time to act in spite of my conviction that I am unworthy of the things I want to do and create because I lack the character to become sufficiently visually appealing.

This is vanity pure and simple, and in spite of the fact that I have endured cruel comments about my weight from the time when I was a child, up until literally six weeks ago, it's time to start living fully in spite of my fear.

Have you felt the pressure of the events of  2020?  I can't think of a year since 2001 when we have been required to confront our mortality on a daily basis.  Are you returning to work?  Are you wearing a mask? Are you wondering how to stay healthy and sane as the US presidential election draws near?

I have been unwilling to commit fully to creating theatre, music, and dance because my body wasn't quite good enough to deserve the universal approval I wanted. How absurd that longing was! Now, I can't perform live even if I wanted to, and I have to confront the years wasted in fear.

Enough is enough.

For whatever reason, dancing, acting, and singing for myself have never been as joyously fulfilling as working with other artists in front of an audience. The video camera exposes all of the flaws that I don't want anyone to see, but for now, the camera is the portal to the world.  So I will read this book again, and I will learn if I can heal and take action, now that the stakes are so much higher.

What are you waiting for?

If there are dreams you want to fulfill, and works you have been waiting to create, I think it's about time you give yourself permission to do so.  If you are like me, and you've been hiding your light until it's completely safe to let it shine, it's time to lift the cover on your life, raise the curtain on your act, and start actually living life. 

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