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Weight Loss Workout for Women Over 50

Learning to Love Yourself

                                                              This is my third copy of "Learning to Love Yourself." The first one was a pdf that Dr. Hendricks used to distribute over the internet.  The second was a copy that I gave away. The back of this copy lists some benefits it offers, and although there are some powerful promises like:   "Free yourself from anger, guilt, fear, and frustration," the one that resonates with me is, "Drop notions of hoping and believing, and start actually experiencing life." I have spent years, if not decades, of my life in the practice of hoping, dreaming, and waiting to be good enough to act on my creative intentions.  What, specifically, have I been waiting for?  I have been waiting to be skinny. Yep, I am engulfed in the national obsession with weight.  Now, it is time to act in spite of my conviction that I am unworthy of the things I want to do and create because I lack the character to become sufficiently visually