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Beyond Stoicism: Benefism.

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines stoicism as indifference to pleasure or pain. The capitalized word Stoicism refers to the philosophy of the Stoics. Epictetus: Stoic Philosopher Stoicism is experiencing a resurgence in the modern world as a way to manage desires, expectations, and impulses in a culture full of temptations. Simple self indulgence has become effortlessly accessible to many of us who live in the developed world. In my case, If I feel any discomfort or boredom at any time I can access endless distraction through my computer, phone, tablet, or smart television screen. Any physical craving for food can be satisfied quickly and easily at convenience stores, restaurants, drive throughs, and by delivery. Stoicism can teach us how to manage cravings and counter self indulgence through the practice of becoming indifferent to desire. This is simply not my way. All my life I have been enchanted and inspired by fairy tales.  Stories of kind-hearted, noble,