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The Gift of A Small Audience of Family and Friends (Don't miss this.)

14372 Cuesta Ct. at 2PM 7/2/17: Free, donations accepted.
If you love acting, and you're near Sonora, CA, today, 7/2/17 at 2PM, please don't miss this free performance.

Last night, by five minutes to seven, it became clear that the , "Dare to Shine," performing arts master class and showcase was going to have a handful of observers who were almost all actors themselves.

Van laughed and said, "Looks like they're beating down the doors, folks!"  We decided to turn the evening back into a workshop instead of a performance.  The crew in the booth had a deck of cards, so they didn't mind the break, and we had a company of seven actors who were ready to work.

I will never forget what followed.  Emily and John dove in with a scene from, "Loose Knit," and the feedback and direction from Van, Zac Price, and John C. Brown on the physical behavior of a man after a romantic conquest was not just funny, but insightful and revealing.

Zac and John C. took on the roles of Estragon and Vladimir in, "Waiting For Godot," and when they finished their piece Van said, "I hate that play, but I would go see the two of you in it."  John and Zac had approached these iconic roles of the theatre with the ease and freshness that is possible in front of an audience of trusted friends.  

Then Susannah Allat cold read a monologue from, "Love, Loss, and What I wore."  It was as if the piece was written for her, and her reading was at first funny, and then so sad. The only direction we had for her was, "Memorize that, and audition with it."

Then Lauren Cedros, took on "Holly's Story," from the same play and she delivered that poignant piece with a power and insight that we were not expecting from one so young.

John C. Brown closed the evening with two short pieces that he auditions with, and he gave us a look at his mastery of comedy and character.  He won't be able to join us for today's performance, but he took home a copy of "Rabbit Hole," a Pulitzer Prize winning play by David Lindsay-Abaire, and who knows, we might be seeing a local production in the not too distant future.

If you can possibly make it to 14372 Cuesta Ct. in Sonora today at 2PM, I know you will experience scenes, monologues, and songs that are entertaining, moving, and a bit surprising.

When Van, Colin, and I got home, we received a text from Zac,

"Tonight gave me the the fix I have been looking for for a very long time. I feel like a part of me was restored.  A couple of cold reads in front of people I knew, and didn't know, was an absolute blast, so much FUN!!."

Nights like the last one remind me exactly why I took up acting.  Come join the fun.


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