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Schubert's Ave Maria


Catherine Best Gordon /sings Schubert's Ave Maria in honor of the Feast of the Annunciation.

The California stay at home order means no Mass today, so I decided to sing this to the trees in  the back yard.  I threw on a coat, set up a tripod and went for it.  No acoustics, no makeup, no filter.  Natasha (my Australian Shepherd) started barking at me when I sang, so I had to put her in the house.

It started to rain just as I finished, and I consider it a blessing. 

Be well, stay strong, and love your neighbor in these challenging days.

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Fat Shaming: What I've Learned

Why do celebrities, fitness trainers, and even medical doctors engage in fat shaming?

In this video, I share what I've learned about the sickening effects of fat shaming, and the shocking reason professionals who should know better continue to do it.

(Hint: It has nothing to do with improving your health.)

Body Shame is one of the number one reasons why people are afraid to shine.

Once you realize that shame doesn't improve health, and that the people who do the shaming are motivated by something other than the desire to help, you can take steps to counteract the damage it causes.

1. Be aware that shaming isn't personal.  Those who practice it are shaming for their own perceived benefit.
2. Step into acceptance: take a moment to express gratitude for the body you have, and the good things it can do.
3. Take part in any activity you enjoy, reading drawing, singing, gardening, spending time with a pet.  These actions can soothe the stress that hurtful words cause.


Between Daylight and Boonville coming to Sonora CA

Between Daylight and Boonville coming to Sonora CA
July 19th and 20th at 7PM, and July 21st at 2PM Catvandu presents Between Daylight and Boonville, a comedic drama set in a small town in 1982.

Meet Carla, a restless young woman who wants to get more out of life before it's too late.

Marlene, the warm and loving mother who wants her best friend Carla to stick around.

Lorette, the woman who has saved for years for a happy retirement in sunny Florida.

Wanda, the woman everyone loves to gossip about.

Cyril, the one guy home from the mine because of an injury who drives Carla nuts.

Matt Williams, the creator of Roseanne, Home Improvement, What Women Want, and more brings his gift for writing real characters with issues we all recognize to this play about longing, love, and loss in a small town.

Van, Catherine, and Colin Gordon of Catvandu Productions will present this moving and funny ensemble play at the Summerville Theatre on the Summerville Union High School campus, in Tuolumne Cal…

How does Keto suppress appetite?

3 Day Sugar Detox

Hope to see you at Sol-Y-Breath: 14709 Mono Way in the Sears shopping center at 2PM, Sunday, September 23rd for my free recital.

I can't wait to share my favorite classical songs with you, and to talk about what it takes to get to Carnegie hall.

The program lasts for about one hour, and then we get to visit and catch up too.

Thanks to Tully Baker, Van, and Colin for all their help and support.